High Tension Race

HTR (High Tension Race) é um jogo de autorama/slotcar com física avançada e grande realismo de movimentos.
Será lançado para iPhone e é desenvolvido com a popular e poderosa engine Unity3D.
Nossa engine proprietária, a Elemental Engine II, ainda está em fase de preparação para rodar no iPhone.
A equipe conta com modeladores 3D, editor de level, programadores e músicos.
Veja algumas imagens e fique atento ao blog. Novas atualizações estarão disponíveis a qualquer momento. : )

HTR will be a slot car racing game with advanced physics and realistic movements. It will be launched for the iPhone and is being developed with a great engine called Unity3D. While the Elemental Engine II is being ported for the iPhone, the Unity3D will be the engine we will use not only for this, but also for the next projects too (yes, we already have others projects that come soon)
Our staff includes: a 3D Modeler, a Level Editor, programmers and musicians.
Follow some pictures below and be aware of the blog, because news and updates will be available soon!


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